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We are a Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence company with a core objective of transforming the globe with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We help businesses grow and achieve their objectives.

Mission & Vision


to our clients.


in the Supply chain of the end customer.

To continuously 


the Value Chain.

To make it DESIRABLE for all our stake holders, to be associated with us.




Let’s experience journey together

At Optimum Data Analytics, we value journey along with destination. This is your own journey and hence you have to take initiative to make it more beautiful. You will meet many people, you will face many situations. Your enthusiasm and zeal towards the journey will help you going places and will make you self-empowered. This drive for passion will sustain us in long term.



Learn to prioritize and be aligned

Discernment is that well-honed wisdom that allows us to read between the lines. At Optimum Data Analytics, we use both head and heart that is intuition and intellect to become better professional. When we are loaded with tons of choices every moment, this eagle-eyed attitude helps us to see big picture and eases out the decision making process.



Technology is changing, why not us?

At Optimum Data Analytics, we embrace a growth mentality and foster creative thinking, thus, challenging the status quo. We always strive to develop user centric processes that will force us push our boundaries and redefine ourselves. This continuous innovation and quick responsiveness to the ever changing situations is what makes us unique for our partners.



Rutuja Udyawar

Founder and CEO

Rutuja has 15+ years of Data Science expertise with a track record of working with various cross-functional and technical teams to implement advanced data science projects. Under her leadership, Optimum Data Analytics (ODA), a new age technology start-up, is set to be at the forefront of technology innovation in Businesss Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 and Business Analytics.  At ODA, Rutuja drives and oversees the continuous renewal of key innovations, processes and systems across the company in client relationship management, delivery excellence, quality, talent management, and leadership development.

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Nikhil Butala


Nikhil has 15+ years of strong managerial experience with last half a decade into entrepreneurship. His role is defining road map of ODA by aligning ODA’s efforts & investments considering all the key requirements. When company got started, it was an uphill task for the team to piece together goals and missions consistently with immense passion and commitment. Nikhil played a pivotal role in deciding the strategic direction of the company and its execution, identifying key alliances, expansion plans, process initiatives and business development. His current mission is to build ODA into a global, multinational powerhouse organization bringing outstanding alliances across the globe to be a part of the team.

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Ajay Kashikar

Co-Founder & Director

Ajay draws upon over 30 years’ experience in Asia Pacific region with corporate leaders like Surya Morphy Richards, Samsonite, Bluestar, Comsoft, and Melstar Singapore, having held the positions of Country Manager and Director. In his corporate life, Ajay has engaged in developing, implanting, marketing, Strategy and supporting IT systems. His highly motivated persona inspires the teams he works with. He sports polished business acumen and takes keen interests in innovation, new technologies and its applications for the bottom of the pyramid. An entrepreneur at heart, Ajay has undertaken various tasks such as conceptualizing products, managing different ventures and efficiently, handling responsibilities in architecting products and frameworks, defining organization vision and direction, end-to-end product delivery and creating a market for products and services etc.

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