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Community Aggregator, Cost-Effective, One Stop solution

Empowering the visually impaired lives worldwide with cutting-edge tech, one seamless platform, for an inclusive society.

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Helps Visually Impaired


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QR code scanning

"Safely use with authenticity with our barcode and QR code scanning feature that 

securely scans and opens verified links for seamless payments and information 


Currency detection

"Experience a new level of independence with our app's currency detection feature - 

accurately identify currency bills and manage day-to-day transactions with ease!"

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VN_text dictation done.gif

Text Detection

"Transform your texts into an interactive experience with Text Detection - reads 

captured text aloud and access information effortlessly!" 

 Picture Description 

"Bring your images to life with Picture Description - a function that lists the items in 

the picture, making it accessible to the user!"

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VN_People count.gif

People detection

"Stay aware and stay safe with our app's people detection feature - accurately count 

the number of people in your surroundings with just a captured image!" 

Emergency calling feature

"Stay safe and secure with our emergency calling feature, connect with your trusted 

contacts instantly in times of distress!" 

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location sending

"Navigate your way hassle-free with our location sending feature, share your 

whereabouts with preferred contacts for accurate guidance!" 


"Bindu" is the point from which all creation begins, ultimately unified. This is precisely the ethos driving our mission to support visually impaired individuals, diabetics, and the elderly in our society. Bindu - our groundbreaking platform meticulously crafted to cater to the comprehensive needs of these communities. More than just a platform, Bindu stands as a symbol of empowerment and inclusivity. It serves as the genesis of all our endeavours aimed at fostering positive societal impact.



CEO and Founder



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Principal Product Owner

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 Advising Memeber

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 Advising Memeber


 Advising Memeber



Seeing solutions like Bindu Smart Cap, I am convinced of the strong entrepreneurial mindset across India which has the intent for solving large healthcare issues at affordable prices that can scale

Sanjay Joshi,

Regional Managing Principal and Asia head, ZS Associates


To commercialize innovative mobile application which is one-stop-solution for visually impaired people for making them skilled, confident and thus, atmanirbhar.

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