Graph Database Consultant

ODA is looking for a candidate who has built end-to-end solutions using graph databases.

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Knowledge and Skills Requirement

- Awareness of the breadth of graph use cases and experience working with business partners to understand and evaluate the viability of prospective graph use cases.
- Experience working with line graph and RDF-style graph databases (AllegroGraph, GraphDB, and/or Stardog).
- Solid understanding of graph data modeling concepts, graph schema development, and graph data design for both LPG- and RDF-style graph databases.
- Experience developing graph data models for common graph use cases (customer 360, data lineage, fraud detection, and/or recommender systems).
- Experience with techniques mapping techniques used to transform relational/tabular datasets into triples.
- Experience implementing and consuming .owl, .rdf, and/or .ttl data files.
- Familiarity in dealing with data conformity and ETL workflows for graph data ingestion.
- Experience working with graph query languages (Cypher, GraphQL, and/or SparQL).
- Experience developing user interfaces that exploit the power of graphs and mitigate the challenges of visualizing graph data.