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IT Account Manager

IT Account Manager Job Description

ODA is looking for an IT account manager having following responsibilities:
• Maintain and establish business relationship between the company and its customers (both internal and external)
• Develop company’s IT projects to meet adequately all business needs of the assigned customers
• Ensure all IT initiatives relating to customer services are met timely enough
• Ensure all IT projects are streamlined towards prescribed budget
• Lead other IT members of staff in actualizing company’s goal towards better service delivery
• Oversee and manage activities of other IT staff members to ensure all work in line with laid down procedures outlined by the organization
• Report activities directly to the agency director or IT account director, regarding the status of any client-related transaction
• Advocate the needs and expectations of the client to ensure compliance by top management towards achieving customer satisfaction, which is the sole goal of the organization.
• Work with IT product development team to ensure compliance with customer’s expectations
• Ensure that product portfolio gives reflection of ever-changing needs of the clients
• Coordinate technical support teams to provide varieties in customers’ products
• Streamline maintenance, user supports, training, installations, and solution design towards satisfaction of clients’ needs

Requirements –
• Bachelor’s degree in information technology, marketing, business, or other related fields, including six to eight years working experience in any of the fields
• Working experience in IT services
• Familiarity with a number of IT field concepts, procedures, and practices
• Ability to plan and successfully accomplish company’s goals
• Possess latitude and creativity in handling customers’ accounts
• Ability to relate with customers, top management and junior staff members across other departments
• Ability to manage more than one IT account at the same time as dictated by the company’s requirements at any particular time
• Ability to maximize all business opportunities relating to each customer, like, resource requirements, and revenue forecasts

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