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Creating environmental impact: How’s ODA driving efforts

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As a tech startup committed to preserving nature and protecting environment, ODA is embracing practices and driving initiatives around green agenda.

With a flourishing startup ecosystem, India has about 27000 tech startups today, as The

Economic Times highlights. Gladly, Optimum Data Analytics (ODA) is a part of this fast-

growing ecosystem.

When we began our journey a few years back, we were keen on delivering top-notch

artificial intelligence solutions. Right from the beginning, we were keen on generating value-

based outcomes for our clients as well as for ODA. Each day, we have been registering


However, ODA entered its real growth trajectory when it identified the need to become a

sustainable firm. Understanding today’s glaring realities posed by changing climate and

global warming, we decided to build a sustainable operational framework.

Committed to not just delivering a solution rather delivering it sustainably, today, we are in

the process of change. So, apart from embracing green practices, we are also enabling our

clients go green. Currently in the process of transitioning to a sustainable firm, we are

narrating our experience, but first help you know the startup-environment connection.

Can a startup affect the environment?

Before we narrate our initiatives, it is important to answer if a startup can be responsible to

environment. Yes, it can be, as it

- Consumes energy

- Generates waste

- Contributes in GHG emission

By taking conscious steps, a startup can sustainably manage these challenges and create


Stepping in the direction of making the change

Realizing our potential to create a significant environmental impact, we began by leveraging

technology to address sustainability challenges, promote green practices, and drive positive change. So, along with focusing on innovation, data-driven solutions, and collaboration, today we are also driving the green agenda. Some of the steps taken by us through which we are creating environmental impact are:

Energy Optimization

In one of our projects, we have used AI algorithms to analyze energy consumption patterns

and optimize energy usage in various sectors. We have developed a solution that helped

petrochemical company reduce their energy footprint by identifying areas of inefficiency

and suggesting energy-saving measures.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

We have developed solution that analyzes climate data, and historical trends of heat pump

to come up with the optimized use of heating systems. Policymakers and organizations

make informed decisions and develop effective strategies accordingly.

Recycling of IT

Recycling IT infrastructure is an essential step that tech organizations need to take in today’s scenario. ODA has understood the importance of adopting eco-friendly ways to disposing hardware. We have partnered with vendors who are licensed to dispose and recycle electronic items. Our focus is to minimize e-waste generation and maximize the recycling potential.

Clean Energy

To cut back on energy consumption, we are moving towards clean energy sources. We have been maximizing the use of solar energy and have installed solar panels at our office. This is an ongoing process, which will help us identify opportunities to reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources that directly and indirectly contribute to emission of greenhouse gases.

Green Technology at workplace

We are the process of using automation at workplace, which automatically turns off the

light and other appliances used in work. This would help in significantly minimizing the

waste of energy. Similarly, we are going digital and becoming paperless rapidly, which is

another common but important step in our agenda.

To sum up

Taking lessons from established organizations which have been applying strong energies

towards conserving nature, ODA is moving ahead to become a fully sustainable company.

By driving positive change, we are also inspiring stakeholders connected with us to adopt

sustainable practices.

The meaningful steps we have initiated are just a small step that has offered a strong

foundation to build sustainability practices, as we aim to bolster our long-term sustainability

plan with more affirmative actions.

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