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How’s ODA is striving to promote gender inclusivity

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Not until a few years ago, the business landscape was characterized by a male-dominated

culture. Sighting the need to have a balance between men and women employees, and to

offer those who do not wish to identify themselves for their gender a respectable place at

workplace, many enterprises began promoting gender inclusive policies.

Today, there is no denying that the tech business is no longer a man's club as we have

witnessed constructive steps being taken in recent years to create a more diverse and

inclusive ecosystem.

As per Economic Times, globally, women account for 47.7 percent of workforce. So, while

the proportion of women is increasing at workplace, it differs from country to country, and

gender inclusivity remains a need.

Being founded by a woman entrepreneur, ODA understands the tremendous importance of

gender inclusivity. We know how it influences employee productivity and job satisfaction.

As a result, ODA is keen on building a strong gender inclusive work culture, where women

and those who identify themselves as women can work freely and with the highest

confidence. We would like to discuss more on this below.

What initiatives is ODA taking to build a gender inclusive workplace?

In order to build a robust gender inclusive culture where each gender has the freedom to

put forward her/his idea without any hesitation, ODA is taking some important steps, which


Ensuring Diversity in Hiring

We have implemented a proactive approach to diversity in our hiring process. We actively

seek out qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and ensure that gender diversity is

considered during the recruitment process. Our job postings use inclusive language, and we strive for gender balance in our workforce.

Providing Equal Opportunities

We provide equal opportunities for career growth and advancement to all employees,

regardless of their gender. Our promotion and performance evaluation processes are

transparent, objective, and based on merit, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to

succeed and progress within the organization.

Crafting Flexible Work Policies

Work-life balance is crucial for all employees and we understand this well. As a result, we

have implemented flexible work policies that accommodate different needs and

responsibilities. This includes options for flexible working hours, remote work, and parental

leave policies that support both mothers and fathers.

Providing Gender Sensitization Training

Conducting regular gender sensitization training for all employees to raise awareness about

unconscious biases, stereotypes, and discrimination is an important part of our gender

inclusivity framework. These sessions promote a better understanding of gender-related

issues and foster a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Creating Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We have established Employee Resource Groups that focus on gender diversity and

inclusion. These groups provide a platform for employees to come together, share

experiences, and support one another. They also organize events, workshops, and

discussions on gender-related topics to foster dialogue and create awareness.

Designing Mentorship and Sponsorship Programs

We have implemented mentorship and sponsorship programs that aim to support and

empower women in their professional growth. These programs connect experienced leaders with individuals looking for guidance and career development opportunities, helping to break down barriers and provide a supportive network.

Building Inclusive Policies

Our policies and practices are designed to promote inclusivity and address any potential

biases or barriers. We have implemented policies against harassment, discrimination, and

gender-based bias, and we have clear reporting mechanisms in place to ensure that all

concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Forging Industry Partnerships and Collaboration

We actively collaborate with external organizations and industry partners that share our

commitment to gender inclusivity. By working together, we can drive broader change and

promote gender diversity in the larger business ecosystem.

Promoting Thought Leadership and Advocacy

We actively participate in thought leadership discussions, conferences, and industry events

to advocate for gender inclusivity. We use our platform to raise awareness, share best

practices, and contribute to the broader dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

Promoting gender inclusivity is an ongoing journey, and so we are committed to continuous

improvement. We regularly gather feedback from our employees through surveys and focus

groups to understand their experiences and identify areas where we can further enhance

our inclusivity efforts.

To conclude

To drive a change, you need to act with collective activism, build a strong foundation and

then implement rules. This applies so well to promoting gender inclusivity at workplace, and

ODA is committed to following it as a norm.

As a startup that is dedicated to promoting gender inclusivity through various initiatives that

encompass recruitment, policies, training, mentorship, and advocacy, ODA is leading by


In the future, ODA plans to take more steps to foster a gender inclusive work culture. We

are committed to delivering the best while having a productive workplace. Together, with all

our efforts, as we grow, we shall continue to build an equitable atmosphere, in which our

employees can succeed in their individual roles and script success stories for ODA as well as its clients.

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