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Adopt new-age AI-product development and initiate transformation

Dynamic business requirements demand a new-age hi-tech, customized approach to developing products. Industries have been fast turning far from being traditional. With artificial intelligence (AI) penetrating every sphere of activity, it becomes virtually impossible to keep product development and AI lifecycles separate.

ODA knows the importance of interoperability between business processes and technology. Thoroughly understanding our clients’ contextual needs, we leverage our expertise across the entire product development spectrum, and innovate, develop and strategize pipelines specifically to suit the business case. We combine our strong AI expertise with standard project management skills, which coupled with design thinking and agile development methodologies help us to keep the client on top.


Data Engineering

By aligning our end-to-end data engineering strategy along client’s requirements, we reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for them. Through custom cloud, data migration and data handling infrastructure, we give the stakeholders access to right data at right time.

Smart Assistant

Based on chatbot frameworks and complex deep learning models, our intelligent assistants assist the user in resolving challenges. Evolving dynamically, they recommend the most appropriate course of action and demonstrate positive results in a span of just few days.

Cognitive Services

Through a blend of deep learning and contextual understanding, we develop client capabilities by equipping them with handling unstructured data like images, videos, text and language. Our advanced tools automate tasks and allow the users to solve complex problems in the realm of AI.

Intelligent Character Recognition

Continuous adaption with changing natural language processing (NLP) dynamics helps us to address varied text analytics and character recognition requirements. By building custom data extraction pipelines to address complex invoices and forms, we ensure high accuracy and derive positive outcomes for our clients.

Our strong focus to embed Machine Learning with business intelligence (BI) enhances the cognitive intelligence capabilities of our clients. By integrating predictive models with enterprises’ visual analytics, we enhance their decision making and offer them accurate data-based insights.

If you want to know subscription model of our intelligent character recognition platform or if you have any queries for us, please feel free to drop us an email at We would be glad to help you!

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