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Today’s smart enterprises demand smart consulting solutions that can offer an optimal mix of domain understanding, man and machine intelligence, cognitive sciences and advanced mathematical models. Diverse and dynamic business requirements need to be fulfilled by an approach which would leverage AI to its full potential.

ODA’s data and analytics consulting services are architecture-led which successfully transform traditional operational processes into flexible, adaptable and efficient mechanisms. We create bespoke implementation strategies, and plan and execute deep learning and machine learning models to extract the utmost insights, enabling accurate decision-making. Through our deep technical and functional expertise, we deploy holistic AI methodologies to not just optimize rather reengineer the complete process.

Power-up your decision-making by adopting agile AI-based consulting



We help to build a high-performance, flexible and scalable artificial intelligence and machine learning prototypes that align with clients’ AI goals. Improving efficiency of success factors is crucial to us as it reduces scope of re-architecting effort and accelerates AI/ML development.

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We view business intelligence (BI) within the broader spectrum of visual analytics integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our data warehousing and advanced analytics-based interactive visualizations and data mining solutions facilitate true real-time analytics and decision making.

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By leveraging different assessments, including cloud value and TCO (total cost of ownership) assessment, we provide a holistic cloud analysis. Through our proven expertise we streamline cloud migration, governance and compliance strategies, and boost our clients’ IT-decision making, helping them optimize their operational expenses.

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If you want to know more about our consulting strategies, or if you have any queries for us, please feel free to drop us an email at We would be glad to help you!

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