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Data Scientist

Optimum Data Analytics (ODA) is looking for a data scientist to help drive actionable insights through advanced statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms. The candidate should conduct and manage analysis and modelling in the areas of time series forecasting, regression, simulation, classification and NLP.


• Awareness of the breadth of graph use cases and experience working with business partners to understand and evaluate the viability of prospective graph use cases.
• Experience working with RDF-style graph databases (AllegroGraph, GraphDB, and/or Stardog).
• Solid understanding of graph data modeling concepts, graph schema development, and graph data design for both LPG- and RDF-style graph databases.
• Experience developing graph data models for common graph use cases (customer 360, data lineage, fraud detection, and/or recommender systems).
• Experience with techniques mapping techniques used to transform relational/tabular datasets into triples.

IT Account Manager

IT Account Manager Job Description

ODA is looking for an IT account manager having following responsibilities:
• Maintain and establish business relationship between the company and its customers (both internal and external)
• Develop company’s IT projects to meet adequately all business needs of the assigned customers
• Ensure all IT initiatives relating to customer services are met timely enough
• Ensure all IT projects are streamlined towards prescribed budget
• Lead other IT members of staff in actualizing company’s goal towards better service delivery
• Oversee and manage activities of other IT staff members to ensure all work in line with laid down procedures outlined by the organization
• Report activities directly to the agency director or IT account director, regarding the status of any client-related transaction
• Advocate the needs and expectations of the client to ensure compliance by top management towards achieving customer satisfaction, which is the sole goal of the organization.
• Work with IT product development team to ensure compliance with customer’s expectations
• Ensure that product portfolio gives reflection of ever-changing needs of the clients
• Coordinate technical support teams to provide varieties in customers’ products
• Streamline maintenance, user supports, training, installations, and solution design towards satisfaction of clients’ needs

Requirements –
• Bachelor’s degree in information technology, marketing, business, or other related fields, including six to eight years working experience in any of the fields
• Working experience in IT services
• Familiarity with a number of IT field concepts, procedures, and practices
• Ability to plan and successfully accomplish company’s goals
• Possess latitude and creativity in handling customers’ accounts
• Ability to relate with customers, top management and junior staff members across other departments
• Ability to manage more than one IT account at the same time as dictated by the company’s requirements at any particular time
• Ability to maximize all business opportunities relating to each customer, like, resource requirements, and revenue forecasts

Java Developer

Job Description for java developer:

1. Excellent knowledge on Java, Angular
2. Contribute to all stages of the software development life cycle.
3. Analyze user requirements to define business objectives.
4. Write well-designed testable codes.
5. Sound knowledge on microservices, API.
6. Work experience with Database, SQL Query, Design
7. working experience in Agile is essential

Manual Tester

Software Tester duties and responsibilities:
• Good knowledge of Test case & Test Scenarios preparation.
• Analyse users stories/ use cases/ requirements for validity and feasibility
• Good logical thinking and analytical skills.
• Collaborate with the team to develop effective strategies & test plans
• Execute all levels of testing as a Software Tester particularly Manual testing(System, Integration and Regression)
• Create logs to document testing phases and defects
• Detecting and tracking defects and inconsistencies
• Create logs to document testing phases and defects
• Help troubleshoot issues
• Conduct post-release/ post-implementation testing.

What's On Offer
• Competitive compensation commensurate with role and skill set
• Medical Insurance Coverage
• Social Benefit’s.
• A fast-paced, growth-oriented environment with the associated (challenges and) rewards

Power BI Expert

ODA is looking for a Power BI expert with 4-8 years of experience and proficiency in reporting, handling large datasets, developing and maintaining dashboards. The candidate should possess excellent skills in DAX, Tabular models, different visualization types, and data management and maintenance, including data hierarchies. Experience of working with global teams is a plus.

Python Developer

The candidate should be expert in Advanced Python, Advanced SQL and Fast API. Exposure to Rest API development, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, Bash scripting, Java/Spark/Kafta will be an added advantage. Candidates with experience in Linux would be preferred.

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